folder Arithmetic Aptitude

Arithmetic aptitude based question and answer. It is an important part of aptitude test. Check here for arithmetic aptitude question and answer.

class Problems on Trains
class Height and Distance
class Simple Interest
class Profit and Loss
class Percentage
class Calendar
class Average
class Volume and Surface Area
class Numbers
class Problems on HCF and LCM
class Simplification
class Surds and Indices
class Chain Rule
class Boats and Streams
class Logarithm
class Stocks and Shares
class True Discount
class Odd Man Out and Series
class Time and Distance
class Time and Work
class Compound Interest
class Partnership
class Problems on Ages
class Clock
class Area
class Permutation and Combination
class Problems on Numbers
class Decimal Fraction
class Square Root and Cube Root
class Ratio and Proportion
class Pipes and Cistern
class Alligation or Mixture
class Races and Games
class Banker's Discount
folder Verbal Ability

Verbal ability is word based test with question and answer. It is an important part of aptitude test. Check here for verbal ability question and answer.

class Spotting Errors
class Antonyms
class Spellings
class Ordering of Words
class Sentence Improvement
class Ordering of Sentences
class Closet Test
class One Word Substitutes
class Change of Voice
class Verbal Analogies
class Synonyms
class Selecting Words
class Sentence Formation
class Sentence Correction
class Completing Statements
class Paragraph Formation
class Comprehension
class Idioms and Phrases
class Change of Speech
folder Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning is based on logical question and answer. It is an important part of aptitude test. Check here for logical reasoning question and answer.

class Number Series
class Verbal Classification
class Analogies
class Matching Definitions
class Logical Games
class Statement and Assumption
class Statement and Conclusion
class Cause and Effect
class Logical Deduction
class Letter and Symbol Series
class Essential Part
class Artificial Language
class Making Judgments
class Logical Problems
class Analyzing Arguments
class Course of Action
class Theme Detection
class Statement and Argument
folder Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning questions and answers is the need of the hour to land on your dream job. Therefore, you must gain competence on these verbal ability skills while taking up the interviews.

class Logical Sequence of Words
class Analogy
class Classification
class Arithmetic Reasoning
class Blood Relation Test
class Series Completion
class Seating Arrangement
class Data Sufficiency
class Verification of Truth