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298. 4,3,5,14,55,__
299. if Five kinds of Mango which cost Rs. 10kg and 16kg are mixed in the ratio 4:4 then find cost of the mixture per kg?
300. IF A : B =5 FIND( 5A +8B) : ( 6A-7B)
301. A publishing company which specialises in Mathematical books, adertised the job opening of an assistant editor. The response was good. One hundred people applied for the position. The compant, however, wanted to make their selection from the applicants who had some training in both mathematics and literature. Out of one hundred applicants the company found that 10 of them had no training in Mathematics and no training in literature, 70 of them had got mathematical training and 82 had got training in literature. How many applicants had got training in both mathematics and literature?
302. If the sequence 12,8,4,0 an arithmetic progression , what will be the number after 0?
303. A's present age is one 19th of her Son's age if some of the present age is 76 years then what is her Son is age?
304. If all the letters in the word EXTORTIONISTS are arranged in alphabetical order which letter will be at the middle position ?
305. Who is the Governor of Mizoram State ?
306. Find the missing number, 114, ____, 212, 261, 310?
307. Find the missing number, ____, 112, 211, 323, 534?
308. In which year a school uniform is introduced for the first time ?
309. Which school first introduces school uniform for the first time ?
310. Find the missing number, ____, 112, 211, 323, 534?
311. In which year a school uniform is introduced for the first time?
312. Find the greatest number of six digits which on being divided by 5,6, 7 and 8 leaves remainders 3,4,5 and 6, respectively?
313. Mr. x travels 6 km at a speed of 12 km/hr, and 15km at a speed of 19 km/hr, what is the average speed during the entire journey?
314. 9 liters of petrol costing Rs.21/liter is mixed with 15 liters of kerosene costing Rs.13/liter. what is the price of the mixture per liter?
315. In which year a school uniform is introduced for the first time?
316. A milkman mixed some water with milk to gain 25% by selling the mixture at the cost price. Then what is the ratio of milk and water ?
317. The next term of the series 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,?
318. A mixture of 30 litres of milk and water contains 30% of water. The new mixture is formed by adding 10 lit of water. What is the percentage of water in the new mixture?
319. The next term of the series 5,5,10,15,25,40,65,_____?
320. What is the distance of the coordinate point (23,-2)from the x axis?
321. A shopkeeper bought 5 kgs of tea for Rs.1000 per kg and 10 kgs for Rs.800. He then mixed 5 kgs of Rs.800 and 5 kgs of Rs.1000.find the selling price of new mixed tea per kg if he wants to make a profit of Rs.20 per kg.
322. A retailer purchased 10 kgs of Assam Tea and 10 Kgs of Darjeeling Tea at a cost of Rs.10000 and Rs.20000 respectively. He mixed up 1/2 of Assam tea and 1/4th of Darjeeling tea and sell it at Rs.20000 after incurring an expenses of Rs.2000 for this portion.
323. The next term of the series 7,8,15,23,38,61,99,?
324. A retailer purchased leaf tea and dust tea of 8 kgs each for Rs.9600 and Rs.6400 respectively. He then blend total leaf tea and 1/2 of dust tea and sell it for Rs.1500 per kg. Calculate the profit of mixed tea considering 1 kg of it was damaged and remained unsaleable.