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28. In what ratio must a grocer mix cumin powder at Rs 72 per kg with Cumin powder at Rs 48 per kg so that by selling the mixture at Rs 63 per kg he may gain 1 complete 1/6th of his outlay ?
29. The HCF and LCM of two numbers is 2 and 70.If the numbers is 24,find the smallest of two numbers.
30. The total age of Five friends are 35 so find the total age of them three years ago?
31. A bottle is filled with mixture, 7 parts of which are orange juice and 9 parts sweetened liquid. How much of the mixture must be take out and replaced with orange juice so that the mixture may be half orange juice and half sweetened liquid?
32. what are the main advantages of online education?
33. There are 80 students in a class, if 45 are girls, how many are boys?
34. Which is the even number below?
35. Fill in the blanks : O9, O18,O27, O36, _, O54
36. Which of these is NOT an ODD number?
37. Complete the sequence : 1, 3, 5, _, 9
38. Aalya worked for 8 Hours, calculate how many minutes she worked?
39. At 3'o clock in which direction both the hands will shown? There choose north in twowards 12'o clock.
40. In two pot the ratio of Diesel and Kerosene oil is 3: 1 and 5 : 5. In what ratio the given two mixture should be mix to make a new mixture of Diesel And Kerosene oil in the ratio 2 : 1.
41. 25% of 120-30% of 80=?
42. There are two carafe of equal capacity, one full of watermelon juice and the second one-third full of water. The second carafe is then filled up out of the first; the contents of the second are then poured back into the first till it is full and then again the contents of the first are poured back into the second till it is full. What is the proportion of watermelon juice in the second carafe?
43. In what ratio Sundar blend Semolina at Rs 72 per kg with Semolina at Rs 48 per kg, so that by selling the formed Semolina at Rs 63 per kg, he may gain 1 complete 1/6th of his outlay ?
44. 30% of 150+45% of 200?
45. A can make 36pens in 12 days and B can make in 16 days,A Started it alone .. After how many days B need to join so that they can finish it in 5 days?
46. The sum of person ages of A and B is 64 years. After 8years the ratio between the ages of A and B will be 2:3, Then find the person age of B.
47. 112 liter impure petrol contain 20% diesel. Calculate how much quantity of diesel should be mixed in the mixture so that the new mixture contain 40% diesel?
48. Rs 120 per kg good standard of red lentils mix with medium standard red lentils whose value is Rs 70. In what proportion should the two standard of red lentils be mixed so that the price of formed mixture of red lentils is Rs 85 per kg.
49. In 60 liter of Mosambi juice and water mixture the ratio of Mosambi juice and water is 7 : 3. To make the ratio of the mixture 3 : 7 , how much quantity of water to be mix ?
50. How much Subrata mix Coffee beans at Rs 12 a kg and Rs 13 a kg , so that the mixture may be worth Rs 12.40 a kg.
51. A bag contains only wheat. 5 kg of sand is added to the bag. the resulting mixture has 20% sand by weight. how much sand (in kg) must be added to the bag in order to form a mixture which has 50% wheat bt weight ?
52. the capacity of three vessels A,B and C is in the ratio 1:2:3. these vessels contain milk and water in the ratio 4:1,3:2 and 2:3 respectively (the vessels are filled with the milk - water solution to the brim). if the milk and water solution of these vessels are emptied together in a bigger vessel, then what will be the ratio of milk and water in the bigger vessel ?
53. A shopkeeper mixes two varieties of pulses to get a mixture of pulse. he uses 1 kg and 4 kg of pulses costing RS.10 and RS.20 per kg respectively. what is the cost of the resultant mixture( in RS. per kg) ?
54. The cost of Red Lentils is Rs. 30 per kg and Chickpea is Rs.40 per kg. If both Red lentil and Chick pea are mixed in the ratio of 4 : 6, then what is the price per kg of the mixed variety?