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55. A barrel has 1000 liters of crude oil.The standard ratio of petrol, diesel and kerosene in crude oil is 4:6:10. what is the quantity of petrol in the barrel?
56. ram, rahim and ravan are partners in a partnership firm. they have agreed to share the profits in the ratio of 3;2:1. if ravan`s share of profit is 10000, what is ram`s share of profit?
57. A, B and C are partners in a partnership firm sharing their profits in the ratio of 2:3:5. if the firm made an annual profit of Rs.1500000, what would be the share of B in profits?
58. if two different varieties of toor dal costing RS 25 per kg and Rs 30 per kg are mixed in the ratio 3:2 find the cost of the resulting mixture
59. A shopkeeper mixes two varieties of pulses to get a mixture of pulse. he uses 1 kg and 4 kg of pulses costing RS.10 and RS.20 per kg respectively. what is the cost of the resultant mixture( in RS. per kg) ?
60. Raju is mixing Apple vinegar with Grape vinegar, so in what ratio must Apple vinegar be mixed with Grape vinegar costing Rs.24 per litre in order to get a mixture worth of Rs.16 per litre?
61. 3 equal glasses are filled with a mixture of milk and water. The proportion of milk to water in each glass is as follows. In the first glass 2:1, in the second as 4:3 and in the third 5:4. The contents of the three glasses are emptied into a single vessel. What is the proportion of milk and water in the new vessel?
62. The average marks of 10 students in a class are 72 and the average marks of another 12 students of the same class are 75, find the overall average of the class?
63. Drum is full with 40 litres of Mustard oil. From this drum 4 litres of Mustard oil was taken out and replaced by Sesame oil. This process was repeated further two times. How much Mustard oil is now contained by the drum?
64. A paint is to be mixed with thinner in the ratio of 2:5 before applying it. if a bucket contains 10 liters of paint , how much quantity of Thinner should be added to the paint ?
65. A drum full of wine contains x liters of it of which y liters are withdrawn. The vessel is then filled with water. Next y liters of the mixture are withdrawn and again the vessel is filled with water. This process is repeated n times. To find the ratio of the wine left in the vessel and the original quantity of wine in the vessel after the nth operation.
66. For a container with 120 litres of milk, 40 liters is taken out and replaced with water. If this process is repeated twise,find the quantity of milk in the container now ?
67. Raju is a dealer of selling Mustard oil , in what ratio must Mustard oil at Rs 37.20 per liter be mixed at Rs 43.20 per liter so that the mixture of resultant Mustard oil be worth Rs 40 per liter.
68. Suresh mixed two quality of tea so in what ratio tea at Rs.6 per Kg be mixed with tea at Rs. 7.30 per Kg so that the mixture must be worth Rs. 6.50 per Kg?
69. There are two mixture of Spirit and water in the ratio of 3 : 7 and 3 : 2 respectively. If with the 3 liter of the first mixture was added with x liter of the second mixture and then the new mixture the ratio of the Spirit and Water will be equal. Then what will be the value of x.
70. find the area of a circle whose perimeter is 44.
71. Ramu mix two varieties of Lentils cost Rs 60 and Rs 80 respectively , in what ratio should he mixed so as to get a mixture of Lentil Worth Rs 66 per kg ?
72. A tin contains 80 kg of milk . Out of this 10 kg of milk is taken and the tin is filled with water . This process is repeated twice . Find the ratio of milk and water in the tin .
73. Mr Roy is putting together two type of Potato which cost Rs 30 and Rs 40 per kg respectively, in what ratio Mr Roy should put together the two type of potato so that he can sell the mixed potato Rs 33 per kg ?
74. In what ratio must water be added to spirit to gain 10% by selling it at the cost price ?
75. Sham mix wine and water in a ratio 2 : 1 . In the mixture how much water should Sham mixed so that the mixture will be 1 : 2 ?
76. Mr Gupta sells Millet by mixing two types of millet at the rate of Rs 20 per kg.In what ratio will he mix the millet of one type cost Rs 18.60 per kg and millet of another type cost Rs 21.60 per kg.
77. A mixture of 20 liters of milk and water contains 20% of water. The new mixture is formed by adding 5 liters of water. What is the percentage of milk in the new mixture?
78. In a mixture of 45 litre, the ratio of milk and water is 1 : 4. If 3 litre of milk is added and resulting solution drained in such a way that 12 litre of water goes off, what is the net quantity of the remaining solution ?
79. 2 cans of capacities 2 litre and 1 litre are filled with milk and water in the ration of 2 : 3 in each them. a certain quantity is taken from first and thrice of that quantity is taken from the second can and are mixed in a third can. What is the ration of milk to water in the third can ?
80. The efficiency of A is twice that of B. A completes a work in 9 days less than taken by B. In how many days A alone will complete this work?
81. If A can complete a work in 30 days and B can complete the same work in 25 days, then in how many days will A and B together complete the work?