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109. In what proportion should Ramu mix the forest honey cost Rs 9.50 / kg with the forest honey cost Rs 11.75 / kg honey , so that the resultant mixture of forest honey when he sell for Rs 12.50 per kg the gain will be 25%.
110. A mixture of sprit and water measure 90 litres. It contains 20% water. How much water should be added to it so that water may be 50%?
111. A milkcan contains 30 litres of milk. 2 litres of milk was taken out from the milkcan and replaced by water. Rahul repeated this process 2 times further. How many litres of milk will be left in the milkcan?
112. A shopkeeper mixed 1kg of Badham at Rs.50 per kg with 1kg of Pistachio at Rs.70 per kg to produce a mixture of worth Rs.65 per kg. Find the ratio.
113. In a chemical lab, one type of liquid contains 15% sodium chloride, and the other type of liquid contains 25% of sodium chloride. During an experiment, a student filled the test tube with 4 parts of first liquid and 2 parts of second liquid. Find the percentage of sodium chloride in the new mixture?
114. A mixture of red and green weighs 100 g. It contains 60% red and 40% of green. If I want to increase the percentage of red to 80%, how much red I should add to the mixture?
115. If 24 kg of rice which costs Rs. 42 / kg is mixed with 12 kg of rice which costs Rs. 27 /kg, then what is the cost of the resultant mixture?
116. Some quantity of wheat costing Rs.6 / kg is mixed with another variety costing Rs. 8 / kg to get a variety costing Rs.7.2 /kg. In what ratio the varieties were mixed?
117. In a company, there are 60 executives and some managers. The average salary of executives is Rs. 9000 and the average salary of managers is Rs.45000. The average salary of all the employees is Rs.15000. Find the number of managers?
118. A mixture contains milk and water in the ratio of 3:1. After adding 14 litres of water to it, the ratio of milk and water becomes 2:3.what was the quantity of the original mixture?
119. Two solutions of Pepsi and Coke are in the ratio 4:1 and 3:1. After mixing these solutions, the ratio of Pepsi and Coke becomes 77:23. Find the ratio in which two solutions were mixed?
120. There are two containers of equal capacity. The ratio of milk to water is 3:1 and 5:2 respectively. If they are mixed, what will be the ratio of milk to water in the resultant mixture?
121. In what ratio must lime juice be mixed with apple juice to gain 16% on selling the mixture at the cost price?
122. Two types of liquids contains 20% and 35% water respectively. If a glass filled with 10 ltr. of first liquid and 4 ltr. of second liquid. What would be the percetage of water in that glass?
123. A men lent a total of Rs.60000 to two persons A & B at 12% & 9% per annum respectively for 2 years. If he received a total interest of Rs. 13200, then find the sum lent at 9% per annum.
124. A certain quantity of water is mixed with milk priced at Rs 14 per litre. The price of mixture is Rs 6 per litre. Find out the ratio of water and milk in the new mixture.
125. A drum contains fifty liters of whisky.five liters of whisky is taken out and replaced by soda. This process is carried out twice further. How much whisky is now contained by the container?
126. (2x-3y)2 - 7(2x-3y)-30 has one factor as: a)2x-3y+10, b)2x-3y-10, c)3x-2y+5, d)6x-4y-15. All question have four options out of which only one option is correct. choose the correct option.
127. A sum of Rs.391 has been divided between A,B and C in the ratio of 1/2:2/3:3/4. Find the share of C
128. In 75 litre water the ratio of water & Dettol is 3:2. How much water should be mixed into the solution to make the ratio 3:4.
129. While creating the fragrance mix, a shopkeeper mixes some amount of Jasmine essence with 240 litres water. The price of the mixture is ₹ 275/ litre. The price of Jasmine essence is ₹ 325/ litre. What is the quantity of Jasmine essence in the mix?
130. A container contains 40 kg of milk. From this container, 4 kg of milk was taken out and replaced by water. This process was further repeated two times. How much milk is now there in the container?
131. In what ratio must a grocer mix rice worth RS.30 per kg and RS. 32.5 per kg so that by selling the mixture at RS.34.10 per kg, he may gain 10%?
132. in what ratio must a shopkeeper mix two types of rice worth Rs 50/kg and 58/kg so that by selling the mixture at rs58.30/kg and he may gain 10 %?
133. In what ratio should three varieties of rice be mixed being worth Rs. 4, Rs. 6 and Rs. 8 per kg, as to sell the mixture at Rs. 5 per kg ?
134. A type of sugar costs RS 9 per kg.What kg of sugar of RS 9 per kg is to be mixed with 27 kg of sugar coating RS 7 per kg so that there may be 10% gain by selling mixture at RS 9.24 per kg?
135. In which year a school uniform is introduced for the first time?