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8 Men can do a work in 6 days, where as 12 men can do same work in how many days ?


For completing a job the landlord will give Rs 750 at this agreement W , X , Y , Z jointly start the job. If W alone can do the job in 32 days , X alone can do the job in 20 days, X and Y together can do the job in 12 days and Z alone can do the job in 24 days , then calculate how much money will Y get.


In a college a group of 10 boys can finish a science project in 10 days or a group of 12 girls can finish it in 10 days.Then calculate the time taken to complete the same science project by 15 boys and 6 girls if they jointly do the science project. .


Jointly Daniel and Steven can do a piece of job is 6 days and Steven alone can do the job is 8 days. Calculate the time taken by Daniel when he work alone.


Mr Burma a renowned builder get an agreement to build a 24 km long highway in 700 days for that he appoint 90 worker. If after 400 days only 9 km long highway has been build , so obey the agreement how many extra worker he have to appoint ?


Somesh can complete a painting inside a house in 60 days. He was assisted by Nilesh and working together they complete the painting in 10 days. How long would Nilesh alone take to complete the whole painting ?


24 Men can do work in 12 days . where as, 8 men can do same work in how many days ?


A and B can do a piece of work in 6 days and A alone can do the same work in 10 days. In how many days can B alone do same work ?


4 men can do a work in 15 days. In how many days can 12 men do twice as much work ?


8 men can do piece of work in 4 days. In how many days 12 men can do same work ?


4 men can complete a work in 8 days, in how many days 8 men can complete the same work ?


Two persons A and B can finish a piece of work in 35 minutes but A alone can finish the same in one hour. How long would B alone take to finish the same work?


15 Men can pack of books in 9 days . In how many days 10 Men can do the same work ?


12 Men can cut a fruits in 8 days . In how many days same work done by 8 Men's ?


Rs 25 are paid for a task which Ashok can do in 32 days, Binoy in 20 days , Binoy and Sachin in 12 days and Dinesh in 24 days. If Ashok , Binoy , Sachin and Dinesh work together, how much money should each receive ?


Ruhi can do a weaving in 40 days. She start working but having some other engagements so she drops out after 5 days. Thereafter Shagun completes this work in 21 days. How many days would Ruhi and Shagun take to complete this weaving working together?


In a construction company Romen and Raman working jointly can complete road construction in 12 days and Raman and Pranab working jointly can complete the same road construction in 16 days. Romen worked at it for 5 days and Raman worked at it for 7 days. Pranab finished the remaining road construction in 13 days. How many days would Pranab alone take to finish it ?


Sonakshi and Anushka doing separately on a science project and they can do it in 9 days and 12 days.If they do for a day alternately starting by Sonakshi then in how many days the project will be completed ?


A picture painting can finish by 2 boy child and 3 girl child in 10 days while 3 boy child and 2 girl child can finish the painting in 8 days. Calculate in how many days can 2 boy child and 1 girl child finish the painting?


Steven and James are working on an physics assignment. Steven take 6 hrs to type 32 pages on a laptop and James takes 5 hours ti type 40 pages. How much time will they take if they do the assignment together on 2 separate laptop to type an assignment of 110 pages?


Jacob and Steven jointly can do the calculation in 2 days. By doing the calculation jointly after 1 day Jacob left and Steven alone complete the remaining calculation in 3 days. Calculate at what time Jacob alone can complete the calculation.


Pam can do a statute in 12 days by spending 8 hours per day. Sam can do the same statue in 8 days by spending 10 hours per day.If Pam and Sam jointly do the statue by spending 8 hours per day, calculate in how many days can they do the statue.


By doing 8 hours of work 12 woodworker can do a wooden sofa set in 30 days. Calculate by doing 4 hours of work 18 woodworkers can do the same wooden sofa set in how many days?


Elijah can do 1/8th of a project in 20 days. Stefan can do 80% of the project in 80 days and Zaroon can do 1/6th of the project in 26 days. Who will do the project first?


To make a marquee in 40 days a certain number of people needed. If there will be 8 people more for making marquee then it will be complete in 10 days less . Calculate the number of people at the beginning.


A area can be made dirt-free in 10 days by 10 male or in 10 days by 12 female. If 15 male and 6 female together free the dirt then calculate the time period taken to free the dirt in the area fully?


In 72 days an idol can be made by E and F , in 120 days it can be made by F and G and in 90 days it can be made by E and G. If all 3 made the idol with each other then how much days will they take.