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In a Child Development Center 4 women in 4 days made 4 toys. Calculate how many toys can be made by 12 women in 12 days.


In Food in return of Work project 80 people can make a lake in 18 days. Calculate how many people needed to make another lake in 24 days.


Parto , Rajib and Upal can do idol of goddess in 40 , 60 and 120 days respectively. How many days does it needed by Partho to complete the idol of goddess if he is assisted by Rajib and Upal on every 3rd day?


12 tailor can complete stitches of suits in 36 days so 18 tailor do 2 times stitches of what previous tailors have done, then in how many days do they complete the stitching.

32. In a carpet factory 12 women can finish a definite work in 8 days. After 3 days of starting the work another 3 women join the work. In how many days the rest of the work will finish ?
33. Find the amount of Rs 400 for 2œ years at 6 % compound interest .
34. Daniel can do a definite task in 10 hours , Carl can do it in 8 hours. In what time will they do it if they work jointly?
35. Charlie have done 7/10th part of a job in 15 days. And the rest of the job is completed in 4 days by taking help from Sam. In how many days can Charlie and Sam together can do the job?
36. In a Bombay Cloth Mill firstly some labour are appointed , they do the job in 50 days. After calculating the delivery time the manager appoint 3 more labour so that to do the job it take 5 days less. How many labour are appointed at first ?
37. In a Calcutta jute factory 50 people by doing the job every day for 6 hours can complete it in 12 days. It take 8 days by 60 people for doing the twice of the same job , how long they have to give per day ?
38. In a Leather factory James can do a certain job in 30 days and Brown can do it in 40 days. If James and Brown together work for 8 days,then what part of the job is left ?
39. James can complete weaving of carpet in 45 days. He was assisted by William and working together they completed the weaving of carpet in 10 days. How long would William alone take to complete whole weaving of carpet?
40. In a factory the manager select few boys do a job and they can do in 160 days. If 18 more boys selected for this job then it take 20 days less to do the job. At first how many boys are selected for the job.
41. The ratio of work efficiency of A and B is 2 : 5. If A can complete a work in 10 days. In how many days the work can be completed by B and when they work together , in how many days the work would be completed ?
42. A alone can complete a work in 12 days, while A and B together can complete the same work in 8 days. In how many days 'B' alone completed the work?
43. A can complete a work in 12 days and A and B together can complete the same work in 4 days.How many days would it take for B alone to complete the whole work?
44. In the ratio of work efficiency of A and B is 6 : 5 and that of B and C is 6 :5. If A can complete the piece of work in 2 days . In how many days the same work can be completed by B and C separately .
45. In a firm 60 people can do a work in 54 days. By doing 6 times the given job 36 people can complete the work in how many days?
46. 32 men can do work in 10 days, In how many days 16 men complete the same work?
47. In a old-age home for 400 people there have cereals for 31 days. After 28 days 280 people left the old-age home, then for how many days the rest cereals will be continue for the rest people in the old-age home?
48. In how many days 24 men; can do work in 8 days; In how many 12 men, complete the same work ?
49. Under an agreement a person must have to finish his job under 40 days. First he appoint 100 people and after 35 days he again appoint 100 more people and complete his job in time. If 100 more people are not appointed then how many days it will take to complete the job beyond the agreement ?
50. To reconstruct a road in time the contractor appoint 240 people. After 14 days 2/7 part of the total road area reconstruct, so to fish the job within 24 days how much extra people will be appointed?
51. 13 women can complete work in 4 days; then in how many days 8 women can complete the same work ?
52. A work can be completed by Andy in 6 days , by Bean in 8 days and by Charlie in 12 days. Andy and Bean do the work together for 2 days then they go , calculate the time period Charlie take to complete the rest of the work .
53. In the Kalyani Pipe Factory if 12 working staff earn Rs 300 in 20 days , How much do 16 working staff earn in 14 days ?
54. Sonu is six times as good as Bubun in work. Sonu is able to finish a job in 80 days less than Bubun. If they work together then how many days they take to finish the work .