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55. A,B and C can complete a piece of work in 10,15 and 18 days ,resp.In how many days ,would all of them complete the same work,working together?
56. A can build a wall in 10 days and B can build it in 5 days while C can completely destroy the wall in 20 days.if they start working at the same time ,in how many days the work will be completed?
57. A and B can do a certain job in 6 days .A alone can do the same job in 9 days,in how many days B alone can do the same job?
58. Charlie can finish a sewing a definite number of cloth in 8 days and Carl can sew the same number of cloth in half the time taken by Charlie. Then working together, what part of the same work they can finish in a day ?
59. At what speed does a man walk who passes through a street 600 m long in 5 min ?
60. An engine pumps out 95 litres of water in a minute. how much time will it take to pump out 13965 litres of water?
61. In a Cotton factory Deepak and Partha both do the work in 6 days. During this days Deepak done the work two times more than Partha . Then how long will Deepak and Partha alone take to do the work.
62. Mr Gupta take a charge to complete a definite work in 150 days. He employs 200 men. He finds that only a quarter of the work is done in 50 days. How many additional men should be appointed so that the whole work will be finished in time ?
63. In a Garments showroom Ronnie and Bonnie are working , they together can complete a piece of job in 18 days. In this time Ronnie work twice more than Bonnie. If they want to complete the job alone how many time they take?
64. A definite number of employers were supposed to complete a project in 24 days. The project however took 32 days since 9 employees is absent throughout. The number of employees working originally was?
65. In a Carpet Factory Rakesh can finish (1/3)rd of a job in 6 days and Reema can finish (1/6)th of the same job in 5 days. How many number of days is required to complete the job if they work together?.
66. In a factory 4 male worker and 14 female worker can do in 8 days a piece of job which would be done in 6 days by 8 male worker and 8 female worker. How long would it take one male worker and one female worker to do it ?
67. The speed of a cycle is 12 km/h. How many minutes will it take to cover a distance of 800 m ?
68. A is thrice efficient as B and A takes 20days to do a job,then in how many days can B finish the same job?
69. A can do a job in 10days,B can do the same job in 12days and C can do the same job in 15days.In how many days will they finish the work together?
70. In a factory 3 workers A , B and C are working for 7 days , 8 days and 10 days respectively and got total salary of Rs 1800. If the ratio of every day work is (1/3) : (1/4) : (1/6) then the money got by A is:
71. A is twice as good a workman as B and is therefore able to finish a piece of work in 30 days less than B. In how many days they can complete the whole work; working together?
72. If 20 persons can do a piece of work in 7 days then calculate the number of persons required to complete the work in 28 days.
73. 60 peasant working 14 hours a day can complete a piece of job in 36 days. If the peasant work 12 hours a day , then the number of peasant to finish the same piece of job in 60 days, will be.
74. A can do a work in x days while B can do the same work in y days then in how many days will they complete the work; working together?
75. A can finish a piece of work in 12days while B can do it in 15days. If both work at it together,what time will they take to do the work?
76. A cyclist covered a distance of 4 km 200 m in 20 minutes. Had he increased his speed by 30 m/min. how much time could he have saved?
77. If A can finish work in 60 days and B completes it in 20 days.Then,how many days they take to finish the job if they work together?
78. Dolly can do a piece of work in 4 days. Vimal is 70% more efficient than Dolly. How long would Vimal alone take to finish this work ?
79. A few girls working together can do a piece of work in 18 days. If the number of girls employed on the work is made double. How long would they take to complete half of the work ?
80. A is twice as efficient as B. together they can do a work in 21 days. in how many days will be finish the work?
81. A does a work in 15 days and B does the same work in 10 days. what is the efficiency of the work if both of them are working together ?