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136. 10 Engineers completes a building of house in 80days. If 20 engineers do the work on building of house how many days will it take?
137. A can complete a piece of work in 9 days and B can complete same piece of work in 6 days . in how many days both a and B can complete the work ?
138. A is 5 times better performer than B and he takes 20 days lesser than B to complete his job, then how many days B alone take to complete the same job.?
139. 10 workers built a house in 180days. If 20 workers work to build a house how much days will it take?
140. A can do a piece of work in 20 days and B can do it in 15 days. How long will they take if both work together?
141. A man can complete a work in 15 days. B can do it in 20 and C can do it in 30 days. how much time they all 3 require to complete the work when working together?
142. D can do a certain job in 12 days. E is 60% more efficient then D. How many days does D alone take to do the same job ?
143. X can do 1/6 of work in 8 days, Y can do 20% of the work in 20 days and Z can do 1/5 of the work in 15 days. Who will complete the work first?
144. A man, a woman and a boy can complete a job in 5,6 and 12 days respectively. How many boys must assist 1 man and 1 woman to complete the job in 1/6 of a day?
145. A is half good a workman as B and together they finish a job in 14 days. In how many days working alone will B finish the job.
146. A can complete a work in 5 hr and B can complete that work in 8 hr. How much time take to complete that work if A and B both working together?
147. A and B done the work in 6 days .A alone can do the same work in 18 days.How many days can B alone done the same work?
148. A can do a piece of work in 15 days and B can do it in 25 days.Both of them finished the work and earned Rs.3200. Then A'share is?
149. A can do piece of work in 40 days .He works at it 10 days and B finish in 30 days.In what time can A and B together?
150. 30 men can complete a work in 20 days.How many more men need for complete this work in 6 days.?
151. if 30 women can weave a clothe of 120 meters in 20 days.The length of a similar cloth by 40 women in 8 days...??
152. Two persons A and B working together can dig a trench in 24 hours while a is alone it in 36 hours. In how many hours alone can b dig such a trench?
153. A few men and 25 women are employed to complete a job in 5 days. 50 women and 10 men can complete the same job in the same period of 5 days. How many men were employed with 25 women for completion of the job?
154. Balu does a work in 4 days by working 8 hours a day. Sita does the same work in 5 days by working 5 hours a day. What is the efficiency ratio of Balu to Sita?
155. 15 Kgs of wheat and 4 man . How much equal quantity they can pack the packet . Each packet weight is 250 grams .
156. 3 men can complete work in 12 days , and three members joined in the work.In how many days they can complete work ?
157. 100 cheetas kill 80 deer in 60days.In how many days 50 cheetan's kils 40 deers
158. X can do a piece of work in 22 days and Y do the same work in 18 days. How long it would be take both X and Y to complete the work?
159. 16 men alone can complete a piece of work in 20 days, whereas 8 men and 5 women together take 32 days to complete the same piece of work. In how many days can 16 women alone complete the piece of work ?
160. painter A can paint a house in 16 days & painter B can paint a same work in 20 days. with the help of C,they paint the house in 8 days.then painter c alone can do this task in?
161. 42 women can finish a work in 22 days. In how many days 28 women can finish the same work ?
162. Ten men can do apiece of work in 12 many men are needed to complete the work in 20 days?