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Analyzing Arguments Aptitude Question and Answer

Perfectly explained Analyzing Arguments with solved question and answers

This section will help you to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude called ‘Analyzing Arguments.’ Questions from this section are frequently asked in various exams and it plays an important role in scoring high marks.

While writing any kind of competitive exams, consider time management.Also follow the tips and tricks given here to be a pro in solving essential part questions within the given time period and of course it saves your time too.

If you are attempting competitive exams, entrance exams or any interviews, then you should learn about the concept. It is an vital part to learn and practice analyzing arguments questions, that will help you to answer logic.

What is called analyzing arguments?

The process of evaluation or analyzing of someone else’s argument is called analyzing arguments. While analyzing an argument, you should claim or understand the underlying main idea in the given statement. And then you have to find the reasons for the argument and also the evidence that supports the argument.

In this kind of question, a paragraph as argument will be given followed by 2 or more statements as options. You have to analyze the paragraph(argument) and find which statement stands as the conclusion.

Tricks and tips for analyzing arguments

  1. First read the given paragraph and make points out of it.
  2. Ask yourself what the argument states, what is the reason for the argument and all.
  3. Now related each given reasons with the arguments and then come to a conclusion.
  4. Before picking the right conclusion, reject the wrong ones.


Zumba has become a very popular type of exercise, but it may not be for everyone. Before you sign yourself up for a zumba class, you need to examine what it is you want from your fitness routine. If you are looking for a low-energy, slow-paced workout, a zumba class might not be your best choice. This paragraph best supports the statement that

  1. Zumba is more popular than any other workouts.
  2. Before committing on a new exercise regimen, you should think about your needs and desires.
  3. Zumba is changing the world of fitness in major ways.
  4. Zumba benefits your body well.
  5. Most people think that zumba is not a good form of exercise.

The answer is option (b). It states that you have to think about your needs and desires before committing to a new routine. So it concludes the argument well.

Check below for more examples and for better understanding. Practice makes perfect. So practice everyday to score better.

1. How does one interpret Harmony and Non violence through the Epic of Mahabharata?
2. what is the main problem to supply the water in rural area in summer?
3. If parrot written as torrap how does innocent written?
4. Karthicka introduces a man as the son of the brother of her mother.How is the man related to Karthicka ?
5. If parrot written as torrap how does innocent written?
6. A man watching the well. The depth of the well is 10m. At that time, his watch fall in to the well in 1 second. Allow with this time, a bear pass behind the man. Can you guess what is the color of bear?
7. statement:prostitution is also one of the main reasons of AIDS. CONCLUSION: 1.AIDS is an incurable disease. 2.AIDS cannot be completely controlled by banning prostitution only.