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28. 1.all the schools in the area had to be kept closed for most part of the week. 2.many parents have withdrawn their children from the local schools. find the cause and effect and?
29. food : energy :: infection : _______
30. Effects- the price of petroleum products have increased by about 20% in the past two months. Which of the following can be a probable cause of the above effect ?
31. When light is refracted from air to glass:
32. Companies Increase shareholder's dividends when profits fall.
33. EFFECT: A large number of people prefer platinum ornaments to gold ornaments. Which of the following can be a possible cause for the above effect?
34. EFFECT: The government has decided to take up the irrigation projects on war footing and complete all of them in the next two years. Which of the following can be a possible cause for the above effect?
35. Event (A): Privet power Distribution company BSES has registered 1398 cases of power theft in January-march 2011 in the city X. Event (B): Power cuts have been continuous in the month of may 2011 in the city X

Building up a Power of Attorney happens when an authoritative record is made that gives one individual the position to represent another. Which circumstance beneath is the best illustration of Establishing a Power of Attorney? 


Statement : The public authority has as of late fixed the expenses for proficient courses offered by the independent foundations which are a lot of lower than the charges charged a year ago. 

The guardians of the hopeful understudies dispatched a serious tumult a year ago challenging the high expenses charged by the independent establishments. 


Statement :

I. The Reserve Bank of India has as of late put limitations on not many little banks in the nation. 

II. The little banks in the private and co-employable areas in India are not in a situation to withstand the rivalries of the greater in the public area. 


Statement :

(I). All the schools in the zone must be saved shut for most piece of the week. 

(II). Numerous guardians have removed their youngsters from the neighborhood schools. 


Statement :

(I). Greater part of the understudies in the school communicated their assessment against the school authority's choice to split away from the college and become independent. 

(II). The college specialists have communicated their failure to give awards to its constituent universities. 


Statement :

(I). The proficiency rate in the area has been expanding throughout the previous four years. 

(II). The locale organization has directed a broad preparing program for the laborers engaged with the education drive. 


Statement :

(I). The private clinical universities have expanded the educational expenses in the current year by 200 percent in the course of the most recent year's charges to meet the costs. 

(II). The Government clinical universities have not expanded their charges notwithstanding value acceleration. 


Statement :

(I). The representatives of the greatest bank in the nation have given an uncertain strike call beginning from third of the following month. 

(II). The workers of the Central Government have removed their week long exhibits. 


Statement :

(I). The existence today is excessively quick, requesting and loaded with assortment in all perspectives which now and again prompts upsetting circumstances. 

(II). Number of self destruction cases among youngsters is on increment. 


Statement :

(I). The public authority has chosen to make all the data identified with essential schooling accessible to the overall population. 

(II). Previously, the overall population didn't approach all these data identified with essential schooling. 


Statement :

(I). The ranchers have ruled against selling their kharif yields to the Government organizations. 

(II). The Government has scaled down the acquirement cost of kharif crops beginning from a month ago to the following a half year. 


Statement :

(I). The exhibition of the majority of the understudies in last, most important test of class X in the schools run by the Government was brilliant. 

(II). Numerous instructors of the Government schools left the school and joined tuition based schools. 


Corona affects which parts mostly?