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Statement and Argument Aptitude Question and Answer

Perfectly explained statement and argument with solved question and answers

In this chapter we are going to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude section called ‘Statement and Argument.’ Statement and Argument questions are frequently asked in competitive exams understanding this topic will help you in getting good marks. ‘

If you are writing any kind of competitive exams, then learning Statement and Argument is a mandatory thing.

It is very easy to solve if you know the correct tricks. To make it easy for you, we have also given you the tips and tricks below.

So, Follow it to be an expert in Statement and Argument.

While writing any kind of competitive exams, time management is one of the most important things.

So practice yourself to solve questions at an average speed. So that you could concentrate well on all the given questions

What is called statement and argument?

A statement is something which we declare everyday in our life without knowing whether the face is true or false. Whereas, an argument means stating 2 or more statements as arguments to find a conclusion.

In this kind of question, a statement will be given with 2 or more arguments. From that you have to find which argument is stronger and have to choose it from the given options. The options states like all the given arguments are strong, either one or two is strong, neither one or two is strong, only one is strong, or none are strong.

Statement and Argument - Tricks

The arguments that define law, universal truths, and truth that are stated from experience should be considered as strong arguments.
Arguments which are not acceptable, which are stated from individual or personal experience, which gives confusion are considered as weak arguments.

The arguments which are irrelevant must be rejected at first.


Statement: Should the individuals below the age of 18 years be allowed to get married?


  1. No, the individuals below the age of 18 years will not have physical and mental maturity to get into a marital relationship.
  2. Yes, this will help the individuals to enjoy their freedom without their parents interfering.


  1. Only argument I is strong
  2. Only argument II is strong
  3. Either I or II is strong
  4. Neither I or II is strong
  5. Both I and II are strong

The answer is option (a). Since it deals with law, any individual below the age of 18 is not allowed to get married.


Which of the following statement is false?


Statement : Should India put forth attempts to outfit sunlight based energy to satisfy its energy prerequisites? 

Argument :

(I) . Truly, Most of the fuel sources utilized at present is expendable. 

(II) . No. Outfitting sunlight based energy requires a great deal of capital, which India needs. 


Statement : Should there be understudies association in school/college

Argument :

(I) . No. This will make a political air in the grounds. 

(II) . Indeed, it is important Students are future political pioneers. 


statement : Should bungalow businesses be empowered in rustic zones? 

Argument :

(I) . Yes. Provincial individuals are inventive. 

(II) . No. This would assist with taking care of the issue of joblessness somewhat.


Statement : Should youthful business visionaries be supported

Argument :

(I) . Indeed. They will help in mechanical advancement of the nation. 

(II) . Indeed. They will diminish the weight on business market. 


Statement : Should all the yearly assessments up to Std. V be annulled

Argument :

(I) . Indeed. The youthful understudies ought not be troubled with such assessments which hampers their characteristic development. 

(II) . No. The understudies won't concentrate intensely as they will get programmed advancement to the following class and this will influence them in future. 


Statement : Does India need such countless designs for advancement? 

Argument :

(I). Indeed. Nothing can be accomplished without legitimate arranging. 

(II). No A lot of time, cash and energy is squandered on arranging. 


Statement : Would pollution be able to be controlled? 

Argument :

(I). Truly On the off chance that everybody understands the dangers it might make and participates to dispose of it, contamination might be controlled. 

(II). No The packed parkways, manufacturing plants and businesses and a steadily developing populace anxious to obtain increasingly more land for building houses are out of hand.