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Statements and Assumption Aptitude Question and Answer

Perfectly explained statement and assumption with solved question and answers

This section will help you to learn about the logical reasoning aptitude called ‘Statements and Assumption.’ Questions from this section are frequently asked in various exams and it plays an important role in scoring high marks.

While writing any kind of competitive exams, consider time management. Also follow the tips and tricks given here to be a pro in solving statements and assumptions.

What is statement and assumption reasoning?

In general, statement means declaring something. We use to give statements in day to day life without knowing whether it’s implicit or not. Whereas, assumption means considering something as implicit without a proper proof.

In other words it is simply our mind calculation. And it may be 1, 2 or more assumptions.

Statement and assumption reasoning means answering an assumption for the given statement.

In this type of question, a statement will be given. You have to analyse the statement and pick the correct assumptions and have to choose the answer from the options listed below.

There will be 2 assumptions or at times more than two. While picking the options, all the assumptions listed may be implicit, or all may be false, or 1 or 2 may be implicit or false.

So make sure before you assume the statement. Check the below example to make better understanding.


Statement: Movies have become popular for the entertainment of people.


  1. Movies are the only media of entertainment.
  2. People enjoy watching movies.


  1. Only assumption 1 is implicit
  2. Only assumption 2 is implicit
  3. Either 1 or 2 is implicit
  4. Neither 1 nor 2 is implicit
  5. Both 1 and 2 are implicit

Answer is (b).

It states that people enjoy watching movies. The assumption 1 states that movies are the only media of entertainment. Many entertainments are there for the people and so the statement cannot be implicit.

Statement and Assumption Rules and Tricks

  1. An assumption is something that is assumed without any proper proof, so make sure to false the statements that contain certainly, definitely, indeed and other kinds of surety words.
  2. If the assumption defines the statements about past or future, then you have to consider it as false.
  3. The assumptions with negativity, harsh and violent behaviours can never be implicit assumptions.
  4. If the assumptions given do not relate to the given statements and are totally opposite, then you can reject it without any further thinking.
  5. For each assumption, ask a question why, and if you find the reason then it is, implicit assumption. If not simply make it as false.

Check below for more statement and assumption questions and answers and practice it to get good marks.


In the given question there is a statement which is followed by two assumptions , choose the correct assumption which will follow.

Statement : It is a necessary course of action to admit a youngster in center of learning when the youngster is 5 years old.

Assumption: 1) 5 years is the appropriate age to start study for a youngster.

2) When the youngster become 6 years he or she will not get admission in the center of learning.

2. Given there are Statements and Assumption, based on statement choose from the given option which assumption are true: Statement: Meera told to her husband that their son should be diagnosed by a specialist doctor. Assumption: 1) Specialist doctor do better examination than local doctor. 2) Her husband does not agree to Meera's decision.

Statement: Should foreigners be allowed to give public speeches in india?

Arguments :

I.No.It can affect our traditions.

II.Yes.The constitution allows all citizens to give speeches


Statement: Should a person who is found to be guilty of large-scale theft be given life imprisonment?


I.Yes.Such severe punishments will be able to reduce such acts by making thieves think hard before they do any such thing.

II.No.Such punishment cannot do anything.


Eberardo, Adele, and Cambree drink milk.Faedra, Jimmie, and Paden drink tea. Now, is Elizabeth sipping milk or tea?


A,B, and C are employed. B,A, and E are educated. A, C and D are very rich .who is employed, very rich but not honest?


1.Based on the statement(s)given below,choose the best possible conclusion(s) that follows:


i. People who exericise regularly are health conscious.

ii.Meena, in-spite of her busy schedule, exericise every day.


I.Meena is health conscious.

II.Meena's family has inclucated the importance of exericise right from her chilhood.