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Ordering Of Sentence Aptitude Question and Answer

Simple way of solving Ordering of sentence question and answer with tips

In this session we will be learning about verbal aptitude called ‘ORDERING OF SENTENCE’. This type of aptitude is similar to the verbal aptitude ordering of words.

Most of the verbal aptitude will have questions based on ordering of sentence because it will help to analyse your grammar skills and language efficiency.

This article will help you to know more about ordering of sentence and also some tricks to solve these questions easily.

What is called ordering of sentence?

In ordering of sentence, there will be a base sentence. This sentence can be called as head sentence.

There will be other four sentences which are jumbled up. Then comes the last sentence.

So the beginning and end of a paragraph will be given and the mid part of the sentence will be scattered or jumbled. You have to arrange the sentences in the correct order.

There will be options given along with the questions which have different orders of the mid part of the paragraph.

After finding out the correct sentence order choose the correct option from the given choices.

How to arrange the sentences in order?

To arrange the given sentences in correct order, you have to read the question more than twice.  And after reading the question try to arrange the given four sentences in different orders.

You will find a sequential order. After you find the sequential order look for the answer in the given choices.

This is one of the easiest ways to arrange the given sentences in correct order.

What are the types of sentences?

There are three major types of sentences. They are as follows.

  1. Simple sentence.
  2. Compound sentence.
  3. Complex sentence

Simple sentence:

This kind of sentence will have only one subject , a verb and an object.

Example: I ate an apple.

Compound sentence: 

This kind of sentence will have two simple sentences combined together with the help of a conjunction. In other words there will be more than one subject, verb and object.

Example: I like to swim and my sister likes to watch.

Complex sentence:

This kind of sentence will have a main clause and a dependent clause.

Example: I will eat when I am hungry. 

I will eat - main clause (gives meaning when read alone)

When I am hungry - dependent clause (does not give meaning when read alone. Gives meaning only with the main clause)

What should come first in a sentence?

A sentence will always starts with the subject. Subject is nothing but noun. But there are some exceptions where the sentence may begin with object, adjunct or verb. But most of the sentence will begin with subject.

Example for ordering of sentence

1. Once the prince met a beautiful fisher girl

P: The prince got disappointed and returned home with a broken heart

Q: he went to meet the fisherman to express the desire to marry his daughter

R: he fell in love with that girl

S: The fisherman agreed for the marriage on one condition that the son of his daughter should be the heir to the throne.

The king asked the prince the reason for his sadness.

  1. QRSP
  2. SPRQ
  3. RQSP
  4. PQRS

ANSWER: Option C

2. Obesity is one of the major reasons for hypertension.

A. WHO says, one in three adults suffers from hypertension

B. This health issue is about five times more common in obese people than those who are lean.

C. Understand that the intra-abdominal fat significantly affects the metabolism

D. as this fat may cause hypertension with increased blood lipids levels.

Thus, obese people must take appropriate measures to control or reduce their weight.

  1. ACDB
  2. CDBA
  3. ABCD
  4. BACD

ANSWER: Option D

3. A man who was living alone always had two plates on the dinner table.

P: One evening when he sat down to dine, the dog rushed into the room

Q: He used to give the dog a piece of meat from his plate

R: One plate was for him, and the other was for his dog

S: and dropped a piece of cheese into his plate and another piece of cheese into his master's plate.

Thus, the dog showed gratitude to his master.

  1. RPSQ
  2. QPSR
  3. RQPS
  4. SQPR

ANSWER: Option C

With the help of given explanations and examples try to solve the ordering of sentence aptitude in our website.

It will help you to know how the aptitude tests are conducted in real time and you can also practice for you aptitude exams here.


Write the following words in a meaningful sentence :

This festive

1.enjoy an



4.Durga Puja thali


Write the following words in a meaningful sentence:

1.more precious

2.than gold

3.Knowledge is


5.and silver

3. The sentence are jumbled up , rearrange the sentence which divide into four parts P,Q,R and S to produce the correct sentence. A flower, P : petals which produce pollen and seeds Q : sometimes known as a bloom or blossom R : inside the part of the flower there has S : which is the reproductive structure found in plants
4. Choose the sentence with correct Punctuation. ram is my best friend
5. Arrange the sentence in a correct sequence: 1) after completing MBA in Sales 2) Sales department of an organisation 3) Rajib Chakraborty has been working in the 4) for the past 4 years 5) with 82 per cent marks.
6. Arrange the sentence in a correct way: The Head of a N G O has said 1) with double-digit unemployment and education. 2) speed is his top priority because 3) the financial bloodstream, the better 4) the faster XYZ company injects cash into 5) it stands to help avert a multi-year slump
7. Arrange the sentence in a correct way : William has 1) he makes seldom use. 2) He voluntarily enters into 3) an old car of which 4) an agreement with Smith 5) for thousand rupees. 6) to sell this car
8. Arranging of the words to get proper meaning in a sentence
9. What could be the sequence of events in this 4 sentences A. The butler invites the guests B. The butler opens the door C. The host occupies the Main Chair D. The Host ushers them to the Dining Room
10. What is the correct Substitution or composition to this sentence The Act made the slaves Free ?
11. 1: Abraham went to the great slave market in New Orleans. 2: He did not rest until he achieved his goal. P: From that day on ward he hated the entire slave_trade. Q: The slaves were auctioned like cattle there. R: The sight of these miserable human beings made him very sad. S: He resolved to do everything he could do to abolish it. The proper sequence should be
12. What a complete sentence consists of?
13. What is a Declarative sentence?
14. order the sentence in the correct way:- nice / sita / is / girl/ a .
15. order the sentence in correct way :- tall / girl / I / am / a .
16. S1 - There are P - Any other kind of Q - More ants R - Land animal S - than S6 - in the world
17. Order the sentences between S1 and S6, S1 - People who P - are terrible Q - no way of taking R - there is S - have no weaknesses S6 - advantage of them
18. Order the parts of a sentence between S1 and S6. S1 - A study P - success increases Q - concludes that R - and chances for S - Commitment to future tasks S6 - future success.
19. P - With the new bill in the parliament Q - experts are expected R - the passage of S -to get a fillup. The correct sequence should be ?
20. Rearrange the following sentences to make a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below. (A)This is progress, economists and politicians tell us. (B) They make a living from renting their bodies to research organizations for medical experiments. (C)First there was the agrarian economy then the industrial economy. (D) Now we have a service economy. (E) Today we have a new economic class 'The Professional Guinea Pig' (F) But in this brave new world not everyone can be lawyer, a stockbroker or a film star. Which of the following sentences should be the SIXTH(last) after arrangement?
21. name priya my is --- write in correct order
22. In question below out of the four alternative, choose the one which can be substituted for the given sentence. One who studies and collect coins.
23. I company in work . order this sentence correctly
24. study the story from sentences and the write .' make the correct sentence

Write the following words in the correct manner to form a meaningful sentence :

1.helps to gain

2.self control

3.of the mind



(a) But in terms of practical value they do not impress much

(b) Creative work should be our watch word

(c) We all do a lot of talking and theorizing

(d) The affluent society can contribute a lot in this respect

(e) What we need today is practice work

Arrange the sentences in correct sequence