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Selecting Words Aptitude Questions and Answers

Simple way of solving selecting words question and answer with tips

This session will be helping you to learn more about the verbal aptitude called ‘selecting words’. Most of us would have learned this type of questions in our schools.

We have to fill in the blanks with an appropriate word from the given options.

To know more about selecting words aptitude and the easy tricks to solve these questions continue reading this entire article.  

What is called selecting words?

In this type of question, a sentence will be given with a missing word. There will be four options provided with the question which have different words or phrases. You have to find the appropriate word that should come in the blank space from the given four options.

This aptitude question is similar to closet teat. The only difference is that there are many missing words in closet test. But in selecting words there will be only one missing word or phrase.

How to find the correct word to fill in the blank space?

Most probably, the missing word will be based on parts of speech, especially prepositions. So to answer these questions correctly you should have the knowledge of  basic grammar.

You should read the question more than twice. By reading, you can able to identify which word is the most appropriate.

NOTE: This type of question may have two different options which may actually be the answer. But it is your skill to find the correct one. There will be only one answer for every question. These questions may trick you. So choose wisely.

What are the importance of knowing selecting word aptitude?

This kinds of aptitude tests are very important because it will help to improve our grammar skills. Also when you solve these questions you have to think a lot before answering.

So it will help you to develop your thinking ability as well. More importantly, these test helps to know your level of grammar. Because all these are the basic grammar topics. 

Examples of selecting words

1. The Himalayas are located ____ the northern frontier of India.

  1. along
  2. aside
  3. in
  4. above

Answer: Option A

2. The release of the book was planned to ____ with the writer's fiftieth birthday.

  1. harmonize
  2. fall with
  3. coincide
  4. Synchronize

Answer: Option C

3. She is sitting ____ a big stone.

  1. over
  2. on
  3. at
  4. above

Answer: Option B

These are few examples for selecting words. With the help of given examples and explanations try to solve the aptitude problems given in our website.

It will help you improve your ability to solve these questions easily. Also this will help you to improve your grammar skills.


Choose the suitable preposition from the option to fill the blank:

Stephen will come _____ dawn.


Choose the most appropriate word from the given option to fill the blank and to make a meaningful sentence.

I cannot ____ this insult.


Choose the appropriate word from the option to form a meaningful sentence:

I have brought some books ____ you to examine.


Choose the appropriate word to fill the blank:

Sam work for his Uncle ___ his ranch, and his Uncle pay him six dollars a month.


There are 365 days _____ a year

A) on

B) by

C) in

D) is


Ganges ___the most holy river in India

A) in

B) is

C) by

D) on


It is very ______to climb the mountains because of its slippery surface

A) Hard

B) Tiresome

C) Dangerous

D) Difficult

8. Choose the most effective word(s) from the given option to fill the blank. The girl is ___danger.
9. Fill the blank by choosing the most effective word(s) from the given option: The manager needs to hold ______ his anger.
10. If in a certain language , NOTORIOUS is coded as OPUPSJPVT , which word would be coded as QFSTPOFM ?
11. there are ___________ of animals
12. there is ________ ant

Falling in love.....billionaire.


I woke....with of my body.


Abstemious people have generally long life expectancy.

Pick up the word nearest to the meaning of Abstemious


I could not brook his supercilious manners.

Select an equivalent word for supercilious


The news paper made Scurrilous attack on the leader

Pick up the word equivalent to Scurrilous


Find pronoun


Every weekend, we put the trash can ________________ for garbage collection.


Choose the odd one out:


Choose the odd one out:


Choose the odd one out:


The Squirrel went ---- the cow for Milk.

A) on

B) to

C) at

D) with


Choose the appropriate word to fill the blank.

Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter ----- Sonia Gandhi.


Choose the suitable word to fill the blank :

Africa is called ___ Dark Contient .