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Sentence Correction Aptitude Questions and Answers

Simple way of solving sentence correction question and answer with tips

This article will help you to learn more about the verbal aptitude called ‘sentence correction'. Most of us would have learned this type of questions in our schools.

It is nothing but changing the grammatically incorrect sentence into a correct sentence.

To know more about this aptitude and to learn about the easy ways of solving these questions, read this article.

What is called sentence correction?

This type of verbal ability questions will have a sentence in which a particular part of the sentence will be underlined or highlighted.

This particular part will have some grammatical errors.

There will be four options given among which one option will have the corrected part of the sentence.

So it is your turn to identify the correct option and correct the grammatically incorrect sentence.

This aptitude is similar to spotting error aptitude. The only difference is you will be correcting the errors in sentence correction aptitude. So to correct the incorrect sentences you should know some basic grammar rules and tricks.  

What are the rules to find the incorrect sentence?

The following rules should be known by you before solving these kinds of questions.

Parts of speech:

Following are the eight parts of speech.

  1. Noun : naming words
  2. Adjective: describing noun 
  3. Verb: action words
  4. Adverb: describing the action words, that is, verb.
  5. Pronoun: words used in the place of names or nouns. Example: he, she, they, etc.
  6. Preposition : mentioning the position of any object or thing. Example: up, down, on, under, etc (on the table, under the tree, etc).
  7. Conjunction: connecting words. Example: and, so, but, etc.
  8. Interjection : word describing emotions. Example: wow, hurray, alas, etc.

You should look out for errors in these areas because most of the questions will have errors in these areas. So it is better for you to know more about these topics which may help you to solve sentence correction questions.

Subject agreement with verb

See that if the subject is agreeing with the verb. If the subject is singular the verb should also be singular; if the subject is plural the verb should be plural as well.

For example:

There were a dog under my bed.

There was a dog under my bed.

In this statement, there was only one dog (singular subject). But the verb is describing plural subject (were). So, that is a wrong statement.      


Different words in a statement performing same operation should be in the same format. And the statement should be grammatically correct.

For example:

You need to know about word processing, accounting and how to program computers.

You need to know about word processing, accounting and computer programming.


A modifier is a word or phrase that modifies the subject. It should be placed next to the subject if modified.

For example:

Covered in the mud, John help the cat.

Covered in the mud, the cat was helped by John.


Use of correct word in the correct place.

For example:

See you latter

See you later


Needless repetition of the same idea.

For example:

He will return back on Friday.

He will return on Friday.

These are some of the important rules to be known by you before solving sentence correction questions.

How to correct the sentence?

To correct the incorrect question you need to find the error. With the help of the above given explanation, find out the error and look for the correct option which is more relevant to the questions.

As said before you need to know some grammar rules before answering these questions. 

Examples of sentence correction

1. He was very tired as he is working since 6 O' clock in the morning.

  1. he was working
  2. he had been working
  3. he has been working
  4. he will be working

Answer: Option A

 2. The girl to who I sold my car was very honest.

  1. to who I sell
  2. to whom I sold
  3. to who I sold
  4. to whom I sell

Answer: Option B

3. The teacher told Alice to skim the chapter one more time.

  1. invited Alice
  2. asked Alice
  3. ordered Alice
  4. said to Alice

Answer: Option B

We hope that this article will be very helpful to you. To practice for your aptitude exams, try to solve the verbal ability questions given in our website. It will help you improve your grammar skills and also your ability to solve the questions. 


Which of the phrase given in the option will replace the phrase in bracket to make the sentence grammatically correct ?

One cannot (come off) an old habit easily.


Which of phrases given in the sentence should replace the phrase in the bracket to make the grammatically correct.

Thinking that the other candidate was more deserving for the post, I (stood over) in his favor.


Choose the appropriate word from the option to correct the given sentence:

Everywhere elegant old buildings are being ( pulled through) and mediocre modern structures are being put up.


What is incorrect used in the sentence: The great poet and singer are dead.


In the following sentence what is the word used incorrect?

Each of them are honest.


How to correct the sentence- Sixteen miles are a long distance.


Choose whether the phrase written underlined are grammatically correct or not.

Julia spins, and was done a great deal of fancy work, and reads, and leads a pleasant, useful life.

8. Correct the sentence if it is necessary : he does not know how old it was

Identify the wrong sentence and give correction

1.He was dressed in Japanese costume

2.Custom of Hindus is to burn the dead bodies

3.Reddy is a member of Legislative counsel

4.we have to engage a counsel to plead our case


Which is the wrong sentence among the following ?

1.we had an industrious unit

2.One imprudent act ruined his career

3.I lost my watch

4.He is not eligible for this post


Which sentence is wrong among the following sentences ?

1.The patient received human treatment from doctor

2.Students should not be luxurious

3.Kolkatta is a populous city

4.The constable seized the thief


Which is the wrong sentence among these ?

1 He is our principle

2.We should respect our principal

3.A message preceded his arrival

4. I am proceeding to my native place


Locate the error in the following sentence divided in to four parts and correct it

1.The boy was guilty with

2.having stolen cell phone

3.came out

4 with the truth


Correct this sentence by using a phrase given in options

'The bank's fluctuating performance over the prior year has been a major cause for concern"


You need not come unless you want to.


These apples is rotten.

Which is the wrong word and rewrite the correct sentence.


Lalu is sleeping on Mohan and Ramesh.


She waited for me a hour ?


My Country is Located on the South of Asia .


AIDS stands with Automated Teller Machine.


The dog is standing on the gate.


Arrange the given words in correct manner from a meaningful sentence .

1) have been

2) They

3) Working for

4) 2 hours


Correct the sentence if it is necessary : There is full water in the river .

1) There is plenty of water in the river.

2) There is many water in the river.

3) There is much water in the river .

4) No correction required.


In the following sentence what is the word used in correct ?

Cricket is a important popular game .








Identify the wrong sentence and give correction .

1) The train was running at full speed.

2) I Peeped out of the window and enjoyed the natural sights. Outside.

3) Every at station some people got on and some got off.

I could not sit comfortably all through the journey.