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Sentence Improvement Aptitude Question and Answer

Simple way of solving Sentence Improvement question and answer with tips

In this session we are going to learn about the verbal aptitude called ‘SENTENCE IMPROVEMENT’.

These questions will have a sentence and there will be a particular part highlighted in it. That particular part may need an improvement in order to make the sentence grammatically correct.

These types of verbal aptitude will help to evaluate the grammar of the candidates.

To know more about sentence improvement read the entire article.

How to improve sentence?

As it is said in the introduction, there will be a sentence given in these types of questions.

A particular part of the sentence will be highlighted or underlined or given in brackets. There also will be some options of different forms the words that is highlighted.

You have to choose the correct option in order to make improvements to the underlined or highlighted part of the sentence. 

To do so you need to know the basic grammar and sentence patterns. This types of verbal aptitude will be helpful to know about your grammar skills.

There will be options given in each question. To find the correct answer you need to carefully read the questions and try to match all the options, so that you can find the correct improvement which suits the sentence.

What are some examples of sentence improvement?

Here are a few examples for sentence improvement.

1. He was very tired as he is working since 6 O' clock in the morning.

  1. he was working
  2. he had been working
  3. he has been working
  4. he will be working

ANSWER: Option C

2. The girl to who I sold my car was very honest.

  1. to who I sell
  2. to whom I sold
  3. to who I sold
  4. to whom I sell

ANSWER: Option B

3. The teacher told Alice to skim the chapter one more time.

  1. invited Alice
  2. asked Alice
  3. ordered Alice
  4. said to Alice

ANSWER: Option B

4. All neighbors was introduced to the bride.

  1. has introduced
  2. introduced
  3. have introduced
  4. were introduced

ANSWER: Option D


There may be questions where you can do improvement for only one word in a sentence.

Also there may be tricky questions where you will find two different options that may suit correctly for one question. But there will be only one answer.

Here lies your talent where you have to find the correct answer. So reading the questions properly will help you to answer it correctly.

With the help of the given explanations and examples, try to solve the verbal aptitude questions that are provided in our website. It will be very helpful for you to practice for your exams.


In the given question a part of sentence is in bracket. Below there given option which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct option.

She threw the (ball over him) to catch.


In the given sentence the part in the bracket may or may not need improvement choose the answer from the option:

Raman is not (cut through) for this kind of a job.


In the given sentence a part of the question is underlined choose the correct option that may substitute the underlined part. in case no improvement is needed then the answer will be (option 4).

The culture has diversify with the arrivals of immigrants.


In the following sentence, how to improve the underline words.

kapil dev hold the record for the highest number of wickets in the test cricket.


Choose whether the underlined part need improvement or not , if need then choose the correct option.

Danny have been reading for the past two hours.


In the following sentence how to improve the underline words.

He was studying spanish and french .


How to improve the following sentence?

The leader was not always



In the given sentence choose from the option whether the underlined part need improvement or not:

Alex had told me that he hasn't done his homework yet.


In the following sentence improve the following words:

He knows to speak tamil and english


Which was the sentence that is correct


Analyst said that still the rate of diamond would go up, the cost of ornaments will also increasing